My work

I've written eight books to date all exploring the fascinating world of romantic relationships. Watching my characters meet and fall in love has got to be the best job in the world. The hard part is ensuring that they speak as clearly to everyone else as they do to me.

My heroines are savvy, lively women who take on my powerful and charismatic heroes. Bringing them together usually means that their respective worlds are turned upside down and I love to see the resulting fireworks.

This year is promising to be a busy year already with events run by the Romantic Novelists' Association, courses and workshops and a host of characters who keep bugging me to write their story. And of course there are deadlines, some imposed and some self-imposed but all necessary.

You can have a check out my Pinterest boards to see what inspires me and how I imagine my characters and their surroundings.

I've been published in Take a Break Fiction Feast.